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Our Commitment

At DMF Foundation Ltd, we believe that every person deserves the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential. We are committed to feed and provide comfort to communities in need. with the resources they need to enhance their lives and build a brighter future.

What we do

Due to the powers vested in this non-profit, the DMF Foundation has taken action on the issues confronting people in the 21st century, including;

  • Critical Needs

  • Basic Care

  • Food and Nutrition

  • Education

DMF Foundation in Pictures

Did you know?

As one of the world’s non-profit global organizations, the DMF Foundation has become the foremost to address issues that transcend national boundaries and cannot be resolved by any one country acting alone.

Watch and Listen

How DMF Foundation started.

IGT "It's A GOD Thing" started an outreach program in 2016. Now it has morphed into the DMF Foundation and registered in 2023. The DMF foundation now has expanded its reach to involve more communities.

The DMF foundation's mandate primarily focused on the underserved (the homeless, the hungry, etc.) within the immediate and surrounding communities of and around Harbour View and with the intent to venture into other communities in Jamaica. IGT initiated an annual fun day and Christmas dinner at the Hope Botanical Gardens for low-income children. A minimum of 100 -150 children were provided with meals and variety of school supplies for more than four consecutive years.



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