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Dwain Anthony Mitchell
Life and Passion

His Life

Dwain Anthony Mitchell was born on April 3, 1985, at the University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica. He attended the reputable Lanamans Preparatory School where he was active in sports. He played football for the school and was instrumental in the school winning the prestigious Alberger cup for the first time. While still at Lanamans, Dwain was a member of the UNICEF Children's Theatre and a lead actor for the UNICEF children's play called "Listen To The Child." This was spearheaded by renowned child advocate, Claudette Richardson-Pious. "Listen To The Child" played in schools across Jamaica to illustrate to parents how important interaction with their children matters. This led Dwain to start doing commercials for companies like Kool-Aid and Cremo.

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Dwain then moved on to the esteemed Calabar High School from where he migrated to the United States. Dwain returned to Jamaica and started working at Seprod Limited. He did not stop there!

Dwain strived for excellence all of his life and for the short time he was here on this earth, he quietly accomplished many goals with humility and without fanfare. He perfected his craft as a fearless and skilled stunt rider. He was always meticulous in whatever he did. The furniture and floor had to be spotless. You never dared enter his home without removing your footwear. Dwain's love and care for his motorcycle and his surroundings reflected his heart and personage.


Dwain's love for helping others motivated him to look into starting a foundation. With that in mind, Dwain got involved with It's a God Thing (IGT) which provided the perfect opportunity.


Dwain's passion to teach, give of himself selflessly, his honesty, and his genuine love for others, make it easy to honour Dwain Anthony Mitchell by renaming IGT to the DMF Foundation Ltd.

Dwain's vision and empathy will continue to Help, Motivate, Impact, and Unite people of all races and creeds. In Dwain's own words, "The love is real. The youth are of the future - mi love them back just the same like a fi mi dem, they bring such joy to me - make me feel like I'm needed in this world...yea true, true."


Dwain transitioned on July 5, 2020, after he met in a fatal motor vehicle accident. DMF Foundation will always celebrate his life. It is on his behalf that we continue the legacy of pursuit of excellence. He will never be forgotten.


Lights Up, Not Out.

To God be the Glory; great things he hath done!

Our Mission

His Mother


"Thank you Lord for using my Pain for a Purpose and my Loss for a Legacy"


His Sons


His Friends

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