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The Children


    The heading denotes the separation between us and them, or me and you, or does it? Excruciating hyperbole is referencing who you are and who I am. One also could beg to differ in that this should not be taken seriously as this could also state that this could be identified as an endearment as we all relate to each other differently.

The charge filed against us is not that we don't or won't care --the fact is that some just can't be bothered by the mental, physical, emotional, and excessive demand that this requires.

We were brought up to adhere to the adage "It takes a village". Relevant questions. What makes anyone think that your children are my cardinal rights to care for or pay attention to? Whose adage is it and who is to say that this is mandatory to me or anyone else for that matter?
Caring is optional for any person, so personalized caring is a must you're now telling me your deficit and predisposition should be a channel for one to help undo what you contributed to "The Children".

This is not solely an economic hardship but the principles of cause and effect do entrap us into a peculiar and emotional assessment of right versus wrong depending upon one's own beliefs. Should I choose to care about what emotional, psychological, physical, and sexual baggage awaits? The custodial partnership when applied does not negate the facts that circumstances towards such could be detrimental to us both or doesn't it?

Therefore should we address background checks on family ancestral lineage?  It is indicative that we don't gloss over what could be the difference between life and death. The harsh reality is "The Children" in our lifetime have been awakened to abuse such as never seen before and is the silent killer that disrupts the mind, soul, and body yet it's called "Shelter".

The illiteracy or literacy of the unit called family must always be the first to be under the microscope of guilt. Yet it behooves the mind to conceive these deceptive behavioral patterns and therefore threatened the already frailty of what we call "The children ".

The Children as we believe to be innocent and need our guidance, protection, love, and support is the quintessential epiphany of delusion. Does this mean all? No! However, the resounding yes that reverberates around us is, most are put in a position to be the caregiver for the absent yet present adult whose ambition is to have role play.

The dichotomy is not predicated, but the enemy is the clear and present danger offering shelter yet untouchable. We scream and ask the most horrendous questions. How can we help? What can we do? "The Children". 

"The mind is a powerful thing to waste". Yet the mind constructs good and evil. However, doing the work of actually parenting is a choice. Now being a parent you're now put in a position to teach; Principles, Moral Standards, Kindness, Empathy, Sharing & Love. Basic ones and things to which you weren't taught and if taught riddled with aggressive mistrust. A tsunami of recycled abuse now must be with "The Children".

A choice made must now be the responsibility of the State. A decision made; now becomes a lifetime of a partnership that dictates one impact on a society win or lose. We roll the dice and see where it lands.  So we continue to ignore the truth, the fallacy, the elephant in the room called humanity pressured into doing what's right. Holding on to the principles of Moral Standards. Humanity with all its faults and extreme weaknesses ponders on the reality that faced us daily. The Children".

The biblical response is also menacing according to the words of the living God whether one believes or not. Quotes:  Matthew 18: 5--6
[5] And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. [6] But who so shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone was hanged about his neck, and that he was drowned in the depth of the sea.

The words a millstone being put around your neck or best being not born is an instance of death. 
Henceforth the God who created all things took an extremely negative outlook on child abuse...

Questions: Should society be mandated in some shape or form to put children first? Should I be responsible for your irresponsible deficiency?
When does it become criminal for the parents and or state? Should a choice be given? I am not your parents why should I be accountable for your actions financially or emotionally? why should your burden become my sorrow or pain?  Can a nation turns its back and then question the outcome? Should parents be mandated on how many children to have? "The Children".    

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