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Welcome to the DMF Foundation

Welcome to the DMF Foundation

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Our Vision

To be the exemplar of compassion, unity, and transformative impact within our communities. Our vision entails illuminating a path toward resilience and prosperity for vulnerable individuals, transcending the boundaries of race, status, and creed. The DMF Foundation Ltd aims to inspire a world where our steadfast commitment serves as a catalyst for communal and individual flourishing.

Our Mission

The DMF Foundation Ltd stands as an unwavering bastion of God's love and hope, devoted to uplifting the most marginalized in our communities. We draw strength from the wisdom inherent in our heritage—a testament to the collective effort required for community advancement—welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds with open arms.

What we do

The DMF Foundation is called to action and committed to addressing issues confronting people in the 21st century, including;

  • Critical Needs

  • Basic Care

  • Food and Nutrition

  • Education