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PEP Sponsership
Parents & Students

Good afternoon 😊 we want to give thanks to Dwain Mitchell foundation and the sponsors for the opportunity that they are giving the kids to be able to start their journey of becoming what they want to be God bless🙏🏻you all and keep on doing what you're doing. Thank you.

Good evening to the DMF family Just get the time to express my gratitude about the launch last week Saturday. It was wonderful, just to see the children having fun and getting their book vouchers awarded to them. I appreciate what the DMF foundation has done for my child Isabell and I'm so grateful for the help. Not only for my child but to see the wonderful work this foundation is doing for the children of our future.

Greetings everyone I just went to say a big thank you to our sponsor I'm so greatfull that my son where a part of DMF  foundation  it  is a Big help for me, i'll be forever greatfull. DMF funcdation  is a big deal very  very important for real

I want to foremost express my sincere gratitude towards DMF,it have provided a sense of relief within economically challenging times once again my gratitude

Good morning I am very grateful for the help cus its three kids i have n it will take off alot of stress off me so thank you guys very much

Thank u very much ❤

I never got no service  but  we appreciated what you  has done for us God bless you.❤ and DMF.

Dear Sponsor🫶🏼

I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for sponsoring my daughter Santana.

We are beyond grateful for your support an generosity. Your sponsorship has provided Santana with the financial assistance that we needed. Thank you so very much ❤💯

Good night and how are you doing .I wrote this letter ✉ , to say a thank you to the " DMF FOUND MEMBERS " and what was my experience there.

Firstly ; I want to say, Thank you for the members of the DMF foundation for supplying us with a voucher . It has been of great use (as shown in the picture sent) and pleasure.
Second and lastly ; My experience there (at the DMF foundation) was very overwhelming. For me pesonal it was quite fun and joyful. Thanks to the DMF foundation once again.

Your's sincerely ,            
A Scholarship student.

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the DMF foundation for assisting Jaydian with this twenty thousand dollars book voucher. It has filled a gap for us that we didn’t know how to. The work of the DMF and our sponsor will not go in vain because I personally will ensure that Jaydian continues to excel and make everyone proud. Thank you all

Good afternoon, 

My family would like to thank the DMF foundation and sponsor for including Kalila as a part of your launch.

We truely appreciate the assistance with her booklist. This will certainly help to equip her with the necessary tool for her to continue to do well.

Good Morning..."A BIG THANK YOU TO THE ENTIRE MEMBERS AND SPONSORS OF THE DMF FOUNDATON".. The initiative is indeed  a Thoughtful and  Inspiring  one which will certainly have a positive impact on both the children and parents.. For me personally I must express how Grateful and Appreciative I am for my son to be chosen as an Awardee in receiving the Book Voucher, it will not only be helpful in buying the books for him but will also take the strain, worrisome ways and frustration away from me, being that he's not an only child so I have other Booklist to take care of so indeed it is a Great help for me.. I pray that this foundation will only strive for Excellence and be an upliftment in empowerng others to get on board to help in whatever way they can, and you'll all be able to help more students in the future.. God Bless You all, keep on being the kind and caring persons that you are..🙏🏼🙏🏼

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Good morning to u all thanks to DMF foundation for Isabell books

Shaneka book reciept

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