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L e g a c y

DMF sprouted through IGT "It's A GOD Thing". IGT started an outreach program in 2016 and initiated an annual fun day and Christmas dinner at the Hope Botanical Gardens for low-income children. A minimum of 100 -150 children were provided with meals and various school supplies for more than four consecutive years. Now it has morphed into a bonified non-profit organization. The DMF foundation has expanded its reach to involve communities beyond Kingston and St. Andrew.


IGT held numerous Christmas treats for the Children of Kingston, St. Andrew and rural parishes.  

Christmas Dinner At Home During COVID19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID19 restrictions IGT had to sponsor the children within their communities rather than hold it's annual event at Hope Gardens.

Journey to
the Underserved

We went on multiple journeys to underserved communities to distribute school supplies. By providing essential education resources, we empowered young minds and gave them the tools they need to succeed.

Church Trip

IGT brought the children to church to hear the word of God. They were also treated to ice cream and had fun after service.

Jamaica Defense Force Trip

A trip was held for the children to go to the Jamaica Defense Force at Up Park Camp. They got to tour the facilities and learn the history of the camp.

IGT Volunteers
and Preparation

Many volunteers helped us over the years as we held events through IGT. This showcases many of them in the midst of their work and commitment to the cause.
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