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1 - Exercise is medicine.

2 - Fasting is medicine.

3 - Natural food is medicine.

4 - Laughter is medicine.

5 - Vegetables and fruits are medicine.

6 - Sleep is medicine.

7 - Sunlight is medicine.

8 - Loving others is medicine

9 - Loving yourself is medicine.

10 - Gratitude is medicine.

11 - Letting go of offense is medicine.

12 - Meditation is medicine.

13 - Reading and studying the Word of God is medicine.

14 - Eating well, on time and without excess is medicine.

15 - Right thinking and right thinking with a good mindset is medicine.

16 - Trusting in God is medicine

17 - Good friends are medicine.

18 -. Forgiving yourself and forgiving others is medicine.

19 - Drinking plenty of water is medicine.

20 - A peaceful heart is medicine

Take enough of these medications and you will rarely need the ones from pharmacies.

Do well by sharing this medicine to your loved ones if you really care as I do. 🥰🥰🥰.~AJ

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